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Valentine’s show to benefit Red Slipper Warrior Project

Angiepalooza’s first annual Valentine’s Day show is coming up, and it’s serving another amazing cause!

Angiepalooza started rocking the streets of Jefferson City back in 2013. If you have ever been to it, I don’t need to tell you what an amazing party it is. People wait all year for this event! It’s a chance to gather in the streets and party all night with tributes, drinks, great music, and all to benefit cancer survivors.

But this year, there will be a sort of encore show.

The first annual AngiePalooza Valentine’s Day Party will be this February 14.

Tim Tinnin lost his wife, Angie to cancer in 2012. He hasn’t stopped finding awesome ways to honor her memory since. His latest project is The Red Slipper Warrior Project. This is the initiative that Tim is most proud of and probably the one Angie would be most proud of too.

The Red Slipper Warrior Project fills a void in cancer treatment that hasn’t been met until now. It is an empowerment initiative for women and girls going through cancer treatments.  Tim says that every single person who has benefited from this project so far has said that this was exactly what they needed.

For more information on the event and on the Red Slipper Warrior Project, click here.

Hear the full interview with Tim below

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