Purple dragon and screen shots of crooks
Purple dragon outside Courtyard Early Learning Center

Purple Dragon Stolen From Jefferson City Childcare Center

Calling all current and past Courtyard parents! I am sad to report, that this morning at 6:10 am, two people decided to steal our large purple dragon from the front of our building. I am sharing the video surveillance and pictures, in hopes that we get this Courtyard figure BACK! Please share, and let me know if you have any idea of where our dragon could be. The kids miss it, our teachers are sad, and I am pretty ticked off! WE WANT IT BACK!This purple dragon has been a Courtyard staple for 14 years.

Posted by Courtyard Early Learning Center on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

A missing purple dragon has left a bunch of kids in Jefferson City incredibly sad today.  It’s all thanks to a couple of crooks in a red truck. Have you seen them?


Around 6:09 this morning, a suspicious person with a colorful umbrella strolled across the cameras at Courtyard Early Learning Center in Jefferson City. They proceeded to the front of the building and checked out the big purple dragon that sits out front. Eventually, they placed the umbrella in a nearby tree, maybe thinking it was blocking the camera’s view, and a red truck pulls up. That’s when the unthinkable happens, as they load the large dragon into the back the truck, and drive off. Almost exactly a minute later, the first employee shows up.

We talked to Candace at Courtyard, as she says it was indeed a sad day. The dragon is loved by all the kids, and has a twin in the play yard out back.  The kids love climbing on it, and it has become a staple for first day and last day photos. It’s been a part of the center for 14 years! Now there’s just a void where the dragon was.

Have you seen our purple dragon? Someone took him last night and our little friends are so very sad. Thankfully, we…

Posted by Courtyard Early Learning Center on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

We’ve come to understand the police will not be able to check DNA or fingerprints of the umbrella or a discarded cigarette. So it’s up to the community to find leads, and get the beloved dragon back home, and the smiles back on the kids faces. Someone HAS to know something, as how can you hide something like this?  

Check out the video above and contact the Jefferson City Police or Courtyard Early Learning Center with any information.

Jefferson City Crime Stoppers: 573-659-TIPS (8477)

Courtyard Early Learning Center: (573) 659-7550


Originally published 9/13/2017

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