Jax and Cosmo with the Punishment Poker Wheel

Punishment Poker Proves Painful For Jax and Cosmo

As the latest season of the Bachelor was wrapping up, Cosmo, Jax, and Jaime decided to up the ante, Punishment Poker style. They each picked which of the final 3 girls would win Nick’s heart.

Jax chose Corinne.


Jaime chose Vanessa.


Cosmo chose Raven.


They decided that if Nick sent home their Bachelorette, there would be a punishment. A few weeks later, Raven and Corinne were gone, and it was time to dish out the punishments.

Punishment 1: Jax Gets Waxed

Jax was up first. He spun the wheel of listener suggested punishments, landing on back waxing. He decided to take it a step further. Jax figured if you’re going to wax something, you might as well wax it all, and submitted his chest to be waxed as well. Cosmo decided to have him sing karaoke while the procedure was done. The song chosen would, of course, have to be a Kelly Clarkson song. 

Jax gets his back waxed!!!Bachelor Punishment Poker!!!

Posted by Y107 Morning Show on Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Punishment 2: Cosmo Takes The Blindfold Food Challenge

Jax and Jaime didn’t take this lightly and went all out buying gross things for Cosmo to taste. They then took it a step further by combining flavors based off listener suggestions.  What we didn’t know was Cosmo has a quick gag reflex. The result was nothing less than disgusting.

Cosmo makes good on his punishment poker bet. Let him eat sardine cake!

Posted by Y107 Morning Show on Tuesday, March 21, 2017


We just wonder when the next punishment poker will be, because the payback is bound to be awful.

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