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High School Assigns Prom Dates and the Students Love It

I get it; High School is a tough awkward time.  And then you have to figure out who you want to ask to Prom, with the fear of rejection. It’s a traumatic time, especially when you’re not in a relationship. But could you imagine having no choice in who your Prom date is? That’s how one High School operates, and has been doing it for almost 100 years. For some reason this year, it’s getting National attention.

The whole idea from the beginning, and maybe no more than ever, is to allow every student the chance to enjoy Prom with a date.  So each year, all the Junior and senior girls names go in a hat, and one by one, the Junior and Senior boys blindly choose a name from the hat, then go meet their date in another room.  Before the big reveal however, they perform a skit as part of the tradition. – Rockford’s News Leader

Sure, it’s about tradition and that “warm fuzzy”, but could you imagine? I’m sure there’s a ton of guys/girls at your school you’d never even consider as a potential Prom date. Now imagine the school said you didn’t have a choice. Let alone if you’re in a serious relationship, but you can’t go with that person. And what happens when there’s more girls than boys?  There’s no way it’s an evenly split number each year. And don’t even get us started on the LBGTQ issue. And what if someone doesn’t want to go to Prom? Or what if a guy pulls his sister’s name? GROSS!!!

It not surprising that this is stirring up major controversy. The crazy part is that while the rest of the world is going nuts, the students don’t care.  They accept it, and seem to really enjoy the fun and uniqueness of it. It’s also a great feel good in this bullying world where too many simply feel isolated.  That girl or guy that otherwise though they’d never have a chance to go to the big annual celebration, now is definitely included.  That’s partially what it’s all about, right?  Everyone should be able to enjoy the event without feeling excluded.

Truth be told, I’m sure once they get to the event and the dancing starts, there’s plenty who get ditched, as the true couples pair off.  As someone who’s been stood up after arriving at Prom, I can tell you, that sucks even worse sometimes.

What do you think?  What if your school instituted this policy?



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