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Jen's Get Fit Group gave me a muscle!

6 weeks of progress with Jen’s Get Fit Group

I’ve been doing Jen’s Get Fit Group for 6 whole weeks and I wanted to update you!

The last six weeks have been a blur of trying to get life to go back to (some kind of) normal! When I saw on my calendar that I’ve been working out with Jen for 6 whole weeks now I realized I should probably update you guys on how it’s going and what’s changed.

I had to buy new weights

First of all I’d like to say I am SORE AF from the arm day and bonus abs I did last night…because…I’VE MOVED UP WEIGHTS!! When I started this workout plan I could only find a set of 5lb dumbbells (Sweaty Sisters you know the struggle!) I found a set of 10 lbs about 3 weeks in and FINALLY a set of 15 lbs this week. I’m shocked that I can actually use them! I’m also really proud of myself because when I started I could NOT have curled these weights!

I pee a lot more…

One of the things Jen is adamant about is water intake. When your body burns fat it has to leave your body somehow and that’s through your pee. So you have to drink extra water to help flush the fat out. Jen recommends a full gallon a day. At first that was super hard for me. I was used to drinking about a glass a day so to go to a full gallon a day was a stretch. At first I think I was peeing every 15 minutes but now that my body’s gotten used to it I think it’s more like once an hour.

I eat way better.

This one was DIFFICULT! I already ate about 50% healthy but the other 50% was really really bad. Sweets are my weakness and TacoBell makes me so happy. BUT Jen always says you can’t outwork a poor diet. Unfortunately, I knew she was right. I’m not breaking up with my favorite foods, just taking a little break from them to reset my habits. The first two weeks of not eating ice cream every day was rough but I’m honestly not craving it as much any more.


You guys. This has never happened to me before. I’ve always referred to myself as a “candy arms” because any time I tried to pick up something heavy I just couldn’t. I could do like 3 push ups and I’ve NEVER NOT ONCE in my life been able to do a pull up. I still can’t do a pull up. And I think I can really only do like 10 push ups. I may never be able to do a pull up and I don’t care. I’m stronger than I was when I started six weeks ago and I actually have a muscle in my arm. Like, the kind you can see!

I feel like I finally understand how working out works…well kind of.

When I started JGFG a friend of mine sent me one of those gym fail videos where people use every machine in a hilariously wrong way and all I could think was “me.” I still don’t think I could walk into any given gym and use any of the machines correctly BUT I do think I know a few moves to help build muscle in each section of my body. And, I understand a lot more about how much protein I need and other supplements. That’s one of the coolest parts of Jen’s Get Fit Group. Jen started her career as a nurse and she’s really great at explaining how different supplements work with your body.


Here’s an interview I did with Jen!

And HERE is where you can get started yourself! See you in the Sweaty Sisterhood!

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