Post Malone early video still

Post Malone Made An Amazing Video Before He Made His First Million

Was he ‘Psycho’? Is it all a joke? Will You Still Love Post Malone After Seeing This?

Before Post Malone became a ‘Rockstar’, he had to get his start somewhere. So he and a friend got together to make a music video. However, it’s not at all what you’d expect.  Short jean shorts?!?! No grillz. An undersized Bad Boy jacket. 80’s synth beat and video effects? This has to be a joke, right?

Feast your eyes on “Leon DeChino’s” quest for love, titled “Why Don’t You Love Me” featuring DJ Jazzy Eff. 

According to Reddit, it IS a joke, and was an Art Project in High School. He laughs about it every time he’s been asked about it since it leaked a couple years ago, but still. YIKES! 

BTW, he was also covering Bob Dylan songs before ‘White Iverson’ and was ready to become a country singer. Huh.


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