Post Malone
Shutterstock/Ben Houdijk

You pick which Post Malone ad will play during the Super Bowl!

The Super Bowl is great for three things: football, food and the commercials! 

And this year we get a hand in helping Bud Light choose which ad will air. 

Post Malone hilariously stars in both commercials and in my honest opinion, they are both pretty great! 

They both have an ‘Inside Out’ kind of feel, where we explore what goes on in Post Malone’s brain. Plus all the ‘brain’ characters have Post Malone’s tattoos! 

Bud Light says they will air the commercial that gets the most hype on social media.

So choose the one you like the most and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! 

Also, don’t forget that Post Malone Day is on February 6th here at Y107. We have some amazing Posty Plans up our sleeves.

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