Y107's Lauren show off her Post Malone inspired alter-ego of Post MaLauren

February 6th is POST MALONE DAY!

Post Malone is pretty cool, right? And probably one of the biggest artists of 2020 undeniably! That’s why we want him to stop by Y107!!!


Next week, Post Malone is going to be in the area, cruising right down I-70. He’s got a concert on Wednesday, February 5th in Kansas City. Then Friday night, the 7th, he’s in St. Louis.  That leaves Thursday WIDE OPEN! So why not hang out in Columbia on the 6th?!?  We know he loves to party. So what better place than the college town of Columbia?

So we’re campaigning to get him to stop here, and we’re pulling out all the stops. First and foremost, to pay tribute to the man, and to honor all the excitement his Mid-Mo fans will be carrying those days, we’re turning Y107 into POSTY-107 on Thursday, playing tons of his tracks all day!

But that’s not all. We have some other pretty cool things up our sleeves too, ESPECIALLY if we can get him to stop in, or at least CALL in. 

And that’s where you come in!

We went ahead and dressed up Lauren as Post MaLauren! Then we took inspiration from Post himself, and his lyrics, to celebrate all things Post, and give a peak at how serious we are about the party we’re ready to have with him. 

Check out the video, then SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! We have to get the right people, in his circle, to see it! It’s going to take everyone to get this video circulating!  Think you can help?

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