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Poop emoji made of clay

Poop Emoji Becomes Missouri Girl’s Dream Party Theme, And It’s Somehow Adorable

Two words I never thought I’d say in the same sentence: “poop” and “adorable”. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I HATE the poop emoji.  Why?  Just why? Heck, we found out yesterday it’ll almost guarantee you never to hear from that guy again if you text it to him.

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Why the poop emoji fascination?

  • “It’s cute.”   – Ummmm, NO! When have you ever looked in the toilet and exclaimed that. Just because there are cartoon eyes on “chocolate soft serve” doesn’t make it “cute”.
  • “It’s funny!” – Same rationale as above.

So who loves the poop emjoi? KIDS! Kids find bathroom humor hysterical, and, well, “cute and funny”. 

Which brings us to the point…

Pooh emoji creates a fun kid’s party theme.

Audrey, a St. Louis area toddler, had her third birthday coming up. As any parent would, mom asked what she wanted her theme to be. You probably guessed what she said. Why? Because KIDS find the poop emoji cute. Good parenting in this case? “Embrace the weird,” as mom says? You decide.

You tell me. See all the photos here.

I applaud the parental creativity. Cupcakes decorated with poop emojis. Pin the poop in the potty. Tootsie rolls and Hershey Kisses for party candy. Whoopie cushions for party favors. And mom in a poop costume. Yup, “embrace the weird”. I wouldn’t for my kids. Sorry.

So while this might indeed be “cute” and “adorable”, if you’ve ever had a “weird” poop situation with a kid, you might see the problem that encouraging the poop emoji might cause. (To the parent’s credit, they did try to encourage other themes.)

Party on!

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