Multicolored northern lights (Aurora borealis) on Canadian forest
Sylvie Corriveau/Shutterstock

Stay For FREE To Photograph The Northern Lights

One hotel in Iceland is looking for professional photographers who love to capture the beauty of the world. One will be chosen to stay for three weeks at Hotel Rangá where they have an amazing view of the Arora Borealis, with retractable roofs and telescopes that’ll make any stargazer swoon!

All you need to do is apply to be the Hotel Rangá’s Light Catcher here. One person will be chosen and will receive “free room and board, along with access to the hotel’s stargazing observatory and hot tubs, not to mention the opportunity to explore the photogenic land of fire and ice on their days off.” according to the hotel.

You must be available for the full three weeks (late September to early October), and you must provide high quality photos and videos of the Northern Lights with an unlimited license for Hotel Rangá to use in marketing materials.

The application asks about your social media profiles, your vaccination status, and why you think you should be chosen as the Light Catcher!

If you’re a professional photographer, don’t sleep on this chance to photograph one of the most beautiful phenomenons in the world! They’ve had 2,000 applicants from 40 countries, but you never know until you try, right?

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