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Phone Use In Dark Can Cause Temporary Blindness!

We all use are phones everyday right up until the time we go to bed. Some of us even use are phone in bed. Whether you are using it to surf the web, getting on your favorite social media or watching movies we spend the majority of our day looking at Smartphones. What if I told you that using your smartphone in the dark could cause you to go completely blind! This really can happen but it’s only temporary. Doctors have issued the warning that if you are on your smartphone in the dark while lying on your side, you could lose your vision temporally for up to 15 minutes. But here is the thing; this will only happen to you if one eye is covered and the other eye is staring at the phone. Since one eye is covered up it adjusts to the dark while the eye that stairs at the phone will not adjust right away. So once you put the phone down the eye will try to adjust, which causes temporary blindness.

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