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Pascale’s Pals Switched: Columbia Mall Toy Drive


SWITCHED is a new project from Pascale’s Pals that takes battery operated toys and makes modifications so the button can be an external (Switch) button. These toys help out children with motor impairments that may have trouble activating the switches without the adaptations.

 By adapting the toy it would allow children to use the toy by activating it with their head, hand, or foot rather than the traditional way.  Adapted switch toys allow the child to engage and play more easily. Which increases their opportunities to learn through play, as all children do. These toys also teach cause/effect and how to use switches as a form of communication as they develop.

Adapted toys from companies are very expensive, making it hard for families to provide toys for their children. Adapting off the shelf toys with switches is simple, safe, and affordable. The mission for SWITCHED is to love and support children and families in our community by providing accessible toys otherwise not available.

Here is where you come in!!!

Types of Toys?

Pascale’s Pals are in need of toys with moving parts, vibration, sound and lights. Any toy that uses buttons to activate and has batteries can be adapted. They are also registered at Target.

Where to Donate?

One place you can drop off some donations is the Columbia Mall July 28th for more details visit their Facebook page here! There is also an Amazon wish list that you can buy off of and your donation will be mailed straight to them!

Make A Change!

This is the first year of the toy drive. The goal is to get new toys and supplies donated and then have students and volunteers at the university and in our community make the adaptations. The toys will be given away to families in mid-Missouri with children with various impairments around the holidays. Anything is appreciated and would highly impact these children’s lives.

For more information please contact them at switchedtoys@gmail.com or on Facebook @SwitchedToys

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