PARENTS BE AWARE: Is Sarahah App Dangerous For Your Kids?

Who Or What Is Sarahah?  

It is being called the app of the summer.
Sarahah was started in Saudi Arabia It was originally created for employees to give honest feedback to their superiors without the fear of being reprimanded or fired. In fact, Sarahah in arabic means “frankly.”

If you go to your app store here is how Sarahah is listed:
Sarahah helps you in discovering your strengths and areas for improvement by receiving honest feedback from your employees and your friends in a private manner.

Sarahah can be linked directly to your snapchat and allow you to send and receive anonymous messages. This is a very passive aggressive app and can certainly lead to bullying or worse.

Experts say if your child or teen has already downloaded the app, that you should be monitoring what kind of messages  they’re getting, ask them to be open and honest about it; and if they haven’t downloaded it yet but show interest- encourage them to not create a Sarahah account.


I had a conversation with my teenage daughter about the app yesterday and she and her friends want no part of it. That made me very happy. She told me that “everyone has it” and i would encourage you to make sure you are having a talk with you kid 


Y107 is on Sarahah so if you want to send us a message fire away


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