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Panera is offering unlimited coffee!

If you’re a coffee fanatic, Panera is about to be your favorite restaurant! 

The company just announced a monthly subscription program for unlimited coffee! Yep, you heard me right…UNLIMITED COFFEE!

For just $9, you can get hot or iced coffee all day, every day.

Let’s break that down. If you were to get one coffee each day for the entire month, each cup would only cost 30 cents. 

“There are no ifs and buts, this is truly unlimited access to coffee for a monthly subscription of $8.99,” Panera CEO Niren Chaudhary said, noting all cup sizes are included and time of day doesn’t matter.

The company has already tested it out in some big markets and they have seen a huge increase of sales in both drinks and food. 

I’m cautiously optimistic about this new program because we’ve seen other companies in the past try unlimited promos and they didn’t go well… MoviePass, anyone?!?

Really keeping my fingers crossed that Panera’s subscription lasts because who doesn’t love a good ole’ hot cup of coffee! And maybe a biscotti…a scone…and a breakfast sandwich. 


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