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Wednesday’s Daily Dose of Happiness

We have officially made it to April! Congratulations to all!!! No April Fools pranks here! Just your daily dose of happiness.  There’s a new trend where people drive to hospitals and flash their headlights to support healthcare workers. States like Oklahoma and Kentucky have already done it and hundreds came to show their appreciation. Click here to read more. A …

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Friday’s Daily Dose of Happiness

First off, it’s Friday! That’s definitely something to celebrate!  But here are even more reasons to smile today!  There’s no doubt that Crocs are a favorite in the medical profession so the company announced they will be donating 10,000 pairs A DAY to all the healthcare workers who are fighting the coronavirus. Not all heroes wear capes….sometimes they wear Crocs! …

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COSMO COOKS: The Quarantine Edition

Cheeseburger on counter

One thing is certain that it’s certainly an uncertain time, schedules are all wanky and everyone is working and studying from home. One thing that hasn’t changed is “Hey! What’s For Dinner!”

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Panera is offering unlimited coffee!


If you’re a coffee fanatic, Panera is about to be your favorite restaurant!  The company just announced a monthly subscription program for unlimited coffee! Yep, you heard me right…UNLIMITED COFFEE!  For just $9, you can get hot or iced coffee all day, every day. Let’s break that down. If you were to get one coffee each day for the entire …

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Crazy McDonald’s hacks thanks to TikTok


Just like a friend, McDonald’s is reliable and dependent. You always know what you’re going to get when entering the parking lot with the Golden Arches.  But sometimes you just want to spice things up! However, it can be difficult if you don’t have the cash or time.  TikTok is solving both problems in one fell swoop.  Get ready to try …

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Wine is getting cheaper!


Get ready to head to the grocery store and jump for joy because wine is getting cheaper! We’ve got millennials to thank for the price drops.  Apparently, we have been shunning wine for cheaper liquors and beer, which is causing the prices to drop.  The more “scientific” reason is there are more grapes in California this year.  Rob McMillan, founder …

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Become a Weinermobile driver!

Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

Get ready to make your dreams come true! Oscar Mayer is hiring drivers for their infamous Wienermobile! The drivers are called hotdoggers and they will travel all over the country as brand ambassadors.  But before you can become a driver you must attend Hot Dog High, a two-week training session to get you prepared for your amazing adventure.  The job …

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Y107’s Top 40 Songs of 2019

How is it 2020 already?!?  Before we completely say goodbye to 2019, lets take a look back at the top 40 songs of the year.  40.  Happier – Marshmello; Bastille 39. Who Do You Love – Chainsmokers; 5 Seconds of Summer 38. Easier – 5 Seconds of Summer 37. Me! – Taylor Swift; Panic At The Disco 36. Panini – …

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Coke just created the BEST subscription box!

If you have a soda fan in your life, this subscription box is the BEST gift idea EVER! Coca-Cola just created an Insiders Club box where you can try new products before they hit the shelves. Think of a wine club….BUT BETTER!  The box only costs $10 a month and already has thousands of subscribers.  Coke shared that it will …

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MidiCi closes suddenly

What happened to MidiCi? That is the question everyone is asking after their abrupt closure.  The restaurant, known for their delicious pizzas, posted a goodbye on their Facebook and Instagram just hours before they shut their doors permanently.  If you are already missing MidiCi’s food, you’ll have to drive a while to find another one of their restaurants. The closest …

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Throwback Throwdown

Get ready to step into the ring and take on Cosmo or Lauren is a battle of throwbacks! Each Thursday, they’ll give you the chance to compete against one of them to see who can name 3 out of 5 Throwback song clips first! The winner gets a Limited Edition, autographed piece of Throwdown merch. Want to be a contestant?  …

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5 Most Haunted Places in Mid Missouri

Halloween is getting closer and closer. Ready for a good scare?  There’re some incredibly frightening places right here in Mid-Missouri. Now I’m not talking about fake “haunted houses”. These are the real deal. Real haunted and creepy places that you need to make a visit to this month! 1) Knob Noster Located right next to Whiteman Air Force Base is …

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Y107’s Throwback Throwdown

Throwback throwdown cover photo of Cosmo and Lauren back to back in a boxing ring

Forget just Throwback Thursdays. Cosmo and the Y107 Morning Show are upping the stakes with the Throwback Throwdown!  Each Thursday, they’ll give you the chance to compete against either Cosmo or Lauren for the chance of winning an Autographed, Limited Edition piece of exclusive Throwback Throwdown merch. How does it work? First step is to get registered below. Then brush up on your …

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What’s Really Happening At Storm Area 51

Area 51 scene of UFO hovering over desert highway

It’s the big weekend of “Storm Area 51”. What started as a Facebook joke quickly became something else entirely, and now, people are descending on two small towns in Nevada to “experience” the events. The event officially kicked off last night, and what we’ve seen so far is a bit different that what was originally expected.  While authorities are anticipating …

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The best albums of 2019….so far

Jonas Brothers Happiness Begins tour promo photo

We have had some INCREDIBLE music come through our radio since January 1st, 2019 and the year isn’t even over!  But we wanted to compile a list of some of the best albums that have dropped so far. Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’      2. Ed Sheeran’s ‘No. 6 Collaborations Project’      3. Ariana Grande’s ‘Thank U, Next’     …

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Taylor Swift’s Big Youtube Event Reveals?

Taylor Swift Lover artwork

Today is the day.  Within hours, Taylor Swift will be dropping her new album “Lover”, an album that already a Platinum record, having pre-sold over a million copies. And to build the excitement, she has gone LIVE on Youtube for a performance, a Q and A, a discussion about her fashion line, the release of the video for the title …

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Mark your calendars, a Bieber ceremony could be happening in September

Get ready to scroll Instagram non-stop in September because it looks like a Bieber wedding is happening!   After three postponements, the party of the century looks like it will happen around Justin and Hailey’s anniversary.  Last year, the couple got married in a courthouse on September 13th much to the shock and dismay of “Jelena” fans.  Not many details have …

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