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One Direction Anniversary Plans Confirmed For July 23

While it might not be a reunion, there will be a 10 year Anniversary celebration this month for One Direction!

While we enjoy the latest singles from Niall and Harry on Y107, and await Harry’s recheduled return to Missouri next year, we are getting something in about a week to celebrate a decade of 1D. According to Simon Jones PR, there’s quite a bit planned to all debut July 23rd.

As the tweet reports, Directioners can look forward to an “Anniversary Website” that will be, “an immersive and exciting interactive fan experience.” It will serve as a timeline and archive of sorts taking you through the entire history of the band from formation to hiatus, including music videos, interviews, TV performances, behind-the-scenes footage and more. Even cooler, a mix tape will be created for the user based off how you explore the site. You can then share your playlist on some streaming services.

We can also expect a special anniversary video on Youtube and reformatted EPs with remixes, live and acoustic versions of some of their hits, and some rarities, all streaming and easy to find.

I mean, that’s all good and exciting. But let’s address the elephant in the room questions:

  • Will there be a new song?
  • Will there be an ACTUAL reunion?

For those answers, for now, we’ll just have to wait for the anniversary. Can the 23rd hurry up please?

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