Photo Credit: Oksana Mizina

Your official guide to the latest Oreo flavors

Oreo doesn’t quit when coming up with new flavors and this spring there will be a TON hitting the shelves! 

Consider me your official Oreo guide and I will help you find your perfect cookie match.

  1. Latte Oreo Thins: These are perfect for people who love coffee and cookies! They are expected to hit the shelves in June, but no need to rush to your local grocery store. Oreo plans on making these a permanent fixture in their lineup of flavors.
  2. Mint Chocolate Chip Oreo’s: These are bound to be a hot commodity. What is better than America’s favorite ice-cream flavor and their favorite cookie mixed into one? There will be a layer of chocolate creme and a layer of mint-flavored creme studded with chocolate chips. YUM! Unfortunately, no word yet on a release date. But keep your eyes peeled because these will go quickly! 
  3. Easter Egg Oreo’s: Same great Oreo flavor, different shape! These are perfect for Easter! They have spring colors and an oval shape to look like an egg. If you want familiarity, this one is for you! They are in stores now. 

With summer just around the corner, I can’t wait to see what new flavors they will have in store next! STAY TUNED! 

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