Lizzo in concert side by side with Niall Horan in concert
Shutterstock/Ben Houdijk/Tom Rose

Niall Horan Interviewing Lizzo Might Be The Best Interview Of The Month (At Least)

I’m not going to lie to you, sometimes I read the highlight of these interview videos instead of watching the whole thing. It’s just easier to read what the best part was, sometimes, you know?

The best part of this video was the whole dang thing. From the START Niall and Lizzo have such a fun, spontaneous banter that made me laugh out loud so much that other people in the office actually made me pull out my earbuds to explain what was so funny. The term “please share with the class” was used.

Lizzo has a bright, fizzy energy that you cannot HELP but love!

And apparently neither can Niall. Sorry, Chris Evans, I think Lizzo might have a new love of her life…


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