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Full body suit? Sure, but this summer is all about the Glitter Butts!
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The Newest Trend This Summer… Glitter Butts!

The glitter has returned! 

So, people show ALOT more skin in the summer months. However, the newest trend is going to make that a little more apparent than usual. People are completely walking about pantless.

But don’t worry that booty will be covered with one thing… Glitter, well that and gems. Yes, because nothing says summer like bedazzled butts! We put glitter on everything these days and it becomes trendy. If you don’t believe me, just try it yourself!

Don’t get me wrong, I believe people can show off their bodies as much as they want. I’m a fan of that!! Although this isn’t a nude beach we are talking about here. It’s across the street, or in your neighborhood.

The Instagram account Go Get Glitter has an Instagram that is filled with photos of people who toss the clothes and spotlight themselves with the shiny stuff. The Founder of Go Get Glitter says”they are all about being creative, free, and loving the skin you’re in, which is the message we want to portray.”

Are you going to be a glitter butt enthusiast this summer? Or will you go for the full body suit? Let us know! 

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