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Nap York is the hottest club in NY right now!
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Nap York is The Hottest Club All About Sleep

Nap York

New York’s hottest nightclub is quieter than a school library… Located in midtown Manhattan costumers pay $10 to rest in nap pods for 30 minutes. Nap York is open 24 hours a day, and just a little over a month in, the place is booming.

In addition to nap pods, the club also has a cafe, yoga studio, and a lounge. While most people who come in work near the midtown area, commuters are also highly attracted to the club. This is largely thanks to bus and train delays, but what better way to spend time than a nap?

If you happen to be worried about the cleanliness of the pods have no fear! Nap York sanitizes the area as well as changes the linen and blankets after every use. Also, the use of Airweave mattresses helps since they are washable and keep out bedbugs!

A 30- minute nap increases energy and cognitive function throughout the day. So take that nap at work… or maybe not. However, having a nap club here in Columbia would be nice! What do you think? 

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