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Pringles in a diagonal wave

Pringles and a very unlikely match-up…

The snacks just keep on coming this week! What’s the new Pringles flavor?

What a week for snacks! Last week we were introduced to Cheetos Flamin Hot Pepper Puffs (a big no thank you from me). But this morning, I was PSYCHED to come in and find out that there’s a new snack on the horizon.

Pringles has come out with a Wendy’s Baconator flavor!!

I haven’t tried them yet, but apparently it’s a pretty spot-on representation. The best part: every can of chips comes with a coupon code for a REAL BACONATOR! So even if the chips suck, you still get a sandwich!

Supposedly they’re out in stores now, and I need to go to WalMart!

Have you tried them yet? Do they taste like the sandwich?

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