Sorry Usher Your New Album “A” Is an F

Maybe if Usher spent more then one week working on his new album he would have received a better grade from me. 

Usher surprised us all last night when he decided to drop his first album since 2016. The album is in celebration of his 40th Birthday. But get this; he only spent a whopping five days on this eight-track album. FIVE DAYS!  And it shows, as I felt all the songs sounded the same. Not a single song stood out to me or made me want to buy them. Sorry man you aren’t getting my money this time.

Does anybody want to tell me where the heck Usher went? This album is nothing like him and the R&B artist that we love. The whole time I felt like I was listening to a Drake album. Heck, I even noted on his song “Gift Shop” that it sounded like Drake. I get that he is older and artists change as they go. But come on man! This is not like you whatsoever. I don’t need another Drake wannabe on the market. I listened to all eight songs and scored them on a scale from 1-10 with 10 being best. 

1.) Stay at home  [5]

2.) Ata [5]

3.) Peace Sign [4]

4.) You Decide [5]

5.) Birthday [3]

6.) She Ain’t Tell Ya [5]

7.) Say What U Want [6]

8.) Gift Shop [6]

Total = 39/80 F

I guess I am not the only one who felt this way, because people are hating on twitter. It kills me inside to give Usher a bad score because I have always loved listening to him. But, I just can’t give any artist a good score who tries to make an album sounding like someone else. Sorry Usher, maybe next time spend more than five days writing one album.

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