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iPhone Going Through A Radical Change?

iPhone fans are always chomping at the bit to get the latest scoop on the new phone. So when we found out, we knew you’d want to know. So here you go.

Admittedly, we’re skeptical. You’d think it’d be a super closely guarded secret. Yet somehow, a writer from Forbes was able to get the ‘schematics’ for the new phone. He’s calling the changes “radical”. We’re not so sure about that. Here’s what he’s revealed:

  • There will be a “budget iPhone X”, which will have a 6.1 in. display, with dimensions of 5.79 x 2.81-inches. That makes it bigger than the current iPhone. 
  • The “budget X” will only have one camera on the back and will NOT have the 3D touch feature.
  • There will also be an iPhone X Plus, with a 6.5in display and dimensions of 6.18 x 3.03-inches, making it smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus.
  • The X Plus will have 3 cameras in the back, which is rumored to help with low light photography.
  • There will no longer be a mini-iPhone X

So, that’s all we know.

Radical? Eh.

The question now, does it get you more or less excited for the new iPhones? 

See the full schematics here.

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