pond scum is the super food of the future.

The New Generation of Food is Pond Scum?

Pond Scum Superfood of The Future

We all look for that next superfood to boost us with vitamins and make us healthy. However, I highly doubt you thought it was going to be pond scum! The good news is that it looks stunning. Seriously, that bright emerald green color is striking… but still, it’s pond seaweed. Known as spirulina, the weed has a wide range of nutritional benefits and is popular on Instagram.

As a matter of fact, spirulina is so popular that some coffee shops use the stuff to create some of their drinks. The special weed is packed with calcium and potassium. Unfortunately, it’s said that the stuff actually tastes like pond water… so there’s that.

Let us known in the comments below would you drink pond scum even if it’s good for you? Also, what is the strangest thing you have ever consumed?


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