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Netflix Has a New Dating Show and it’s THE WEIRDEST S*** I’VE EVER SEEN

It’s like if Love is Blind went on the Masked Singer

Sexy Beasts…that’s the ridiculous name Netflix has given to their ridiculous new reality dating show. The trailer dropped today and I honestly don’t know what to even think.

So basically the premise is dating without being able to see the person’s physical appearance (A La Love is Blind) but in order for them to still get to interact they put them in, like, movie grade prosthetics and makeup.

And it’s weird.

Maybe even a little scary.

The trailer starts with a panda saying, “I wanna get married, I wanna have babies, do you have health insurance?” to a completely disinterested ox type thing complete with a nose ring…and I’m already hooked. Not even a minute in, a beaver says, “ass first, personality second.” You can’t make this up.

This will either be the BEST or WORST dating show in history. It debuts July 21…and I can’t wait to watch. Here’s the trailer…what do you think?


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