Rapper Nelly on stage in a Texas jersey
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Nelly To Livestream “Country Grammar” Performance Saturday Night

The summer of 2000 was a great time in music. It’s the summer St. Louis’s own band-aid wearing rapper, Nelly, dropped his “Country Grammar” album. Tomorrow night, July 25th, we’ll be treated to a flashback performance.

For the first time ever, Nelly is teaming with his band on Saturday for a performance of the Country Grammar album in its entirety. Because it’s the year of COVID-19 however, the concert will be done via Livestream on Youtube, starting at 8p CST. Even better, you can view it in VR to feel like you’re right there with him. “Country Grammar”, “E.I.”, “Ride Wit Me” – you’re THERE!

So cancel any plans, and get ready to get Down, down, baby with Nelly HERE.

Of course, we do find it odd that he’ll be in LA, and not STL. We’re also curious why he waited an extra month, as the album dropped 20 years ago LAST month, on June 27th, 2000.  But why worry about the details I guess.

If you can’t make it Saturday night, you’re not completely out of luck, as the full concert will be available to view on your schedule. However, that’s only through July 31. So don’t be a huge procrastinator.

And yes, the event will be FREE!



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