Nearly Impossible Trivia 6:20a With Cosmo

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Monday 4/5
61,000 people are doing this right now?
(flying in an airplane above the United States)

Tuesday 4/6
Most of us have one of these but about 3/5% of us have two?
(Middle names)

Wednesday 4/7








Monday 3/29
This is the #1 food we hated as a kid but love as adults?

Tuesday 3/30
This product has a life span of 10 years yet 90% of them are rarely used after the first year?

Wednesday 3/31
A new survey shows that the average one of these has increased almost 25% in the past 5 years and now they can cost you almost $4 or more!
(ATM fees)

Thursday 4/1
The average person goes thru 3 of these a year?
(Tubes of toothpaste)















Friday 3/12
35% of college students have used their student loan $ to buy this on Spring Break?
Answer: Clothes

Thursday 3/11
10% of people have fallen asleep in this public place?
Answer: Church

Wednesday 3/10
This happens 6,000 times a minute across the planet Earth?
Answer: Lightning strikes

Tuesday 3/9
15% of guys say this is one of their fondest memories of growing up.
Answer: Shaving for the first time.

Monday 3/8
30% of women say their life would improve if they had an extra hour a day to do this?
Answer: meal prep/plan


Friday 3/5
40% of people say they always go to the same place for this?
Answer: Getting your hair cut/styled

Thursday 3/4
When it comes to your phones, 70% of us are doing this more than ever
Answer: Not answering calls from unknown #s

Wednesday 3/3
40% of families say they argue about this more now than anything else?
Answer: the internet or wifi

Tuesday 3/2
20% of workers have one of these in their desks
Answer: A toothbrush

Monday 3/1
Almost 40% of Americans say they have never done this in their car?
Answer: Honk their horn



Friday 2/26
15% of servers wish their customers would stop doing this?
Answer: Sitting on the same side of the booth or table

Thursday 2/25
The average man uses two of these at home, but the average woman uses four. What is it?
Answer: Pillows

Wednesday 2/24
About 1/3 of people live in a house that doesn’t have one of these?
Answer: A mortgage

Tuesday 2/23
About 20% of us regularly follow this superstition making it the most popular one we have?
Answer: Knock on wood

Monday 2/22
couples were asked to describe their spouse in one word…what was the #1 answer?
Answer: Stubborn


Friday 2/19
In Denmark, the bride and groom traditionally dress up as WHAT to confuse evil spirits?
Answer: Lauren read it out loud so it was way more possible this time. Each other

Thursday 2/18
Back in 2000, we did this on average of about 6x a day- Today it’s only about 2x a day?
(No Lauren it is NOT arguing with our friends over BSB or N’SYNC!) Answer: Talk on a phone

Wednesday 2/17
According to a new survey this is the phrase that parents say the most?
(No Lauren it was NOT  put down the cat) Answer: Hurry up!

Tuesday 2/16
A recent study shows that the smell of ________ makes you want to spend more money.
(No Lauren it was NOT milk!) Answer: Oranges

Monday 2/15
30% of people say it has been more than a month since they used this?
(No Lauren it was NOT a tooth brush) Answer: Ca$h


Friday 2/12


Thursday 2/11
Where in the world was President Richard Nixon when he gave his “I Am Not A Crook” speech?
(No Cosmo he was NOT at Golden Corral) Answer: Disney World


Wednesday 2/10
What is the common name for “Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia”?
(No Cosmo it is not wanting to keep an opossum as a pet!) Answer: Brain Freeze


The first vending machines in the 1880’s sold what?
(No Cosmo it was NOT loofas!) Answer: Postcards


Monday 2/8
who is the highest rated Super Bowl Halftime performer of all time?
(No Cosmo it was not the Oak Ridge Boys) Answer: Katy Perry in 2015


Wednesday 2/3
25% of football fans will do this or have done this in the last 2 weeks?
(No Lauren it is NOT shaved) Answer: Buy a new team jersey or shirt, hat or banner)


Tuesday 2/2
The average woman will have this happen to them 4 times in their lifetime?
(No Lauren it’s not burn the lasagna) Answer: Get a really bad haircut!)


Monday 2/1
According to Door Dash what’s the #1 trending Super Bowl party food to be delivered?
(No Lauren it is NOT quiche) Answer: Mozzarella sticks


Friday 1/29
Super Bowl weekend is the slowest weekend of the year for_______?
(No Lauren it is NOT playing chess!) Answer: Weddings

Thursday 1/28
This office/work related item costs as little as $5 today but when it first came out the cost was more like $20K!
(No Lauren it was NOT a white board) Answer: Computer Mouse

Wednesday 1/27
You know you should be doing it more but only about 15% of you only do it 1x a month?
(No Lauren it is NOT clean your belly button) Answer: Clean your phone

Tuesday 1/26
65% of managers won’t hire you if you don’t do WHAT during the interview?
(No Lauren it is not              ) Answer: If they don’t make eye contact

Monday 1/25
10% of football fans say they would miss this to go see their fav team in the Super Bowl?
(No Lauren it is not THEIR MOM!) Answer: The birth of their child


Friday 1/22
Almost 25% of people say they learned how to txt thanks to this TV show?
(No Lauren it was NOT Golden Girls) Answer: American Idol


Thursday 1/21
We throw away 92% of these w/out EVER using them?
(No Lauren it is NOT crayons!) Answer: Instructions.

Wednesday 1/20
This is the number one food Americans buy but never finish/use all of?
(No Lauren it is NOT peanut butter!) Answer: Bread

Tuesday 1/19
75% of people do not know the last name of this person?
(No Lauren it is NOT Oprah!) Answer: Your next door neighbor.

Monday 1/18
The average person says this 5 times a day?
(No Lauren it is NOT a cuss word!) Answer: Thank You


Friday 1/15
This is the #1 online purchase after drinking?
(No Lauren it is NOT a neon sign with your name on it) Answer: Concert tickets

Thursday 1/14
The average woman will buy 220 of these in her lifetime?
(No Lauren it is NOT Starbucks coffees ) Answer: Candles

Wednesday 1/13
25% of us lie on a regular basis on how often we______?
(No Lauren it’s NOT        ) Answer: Go To The Gym/Workout

Tuesday 1/12
About half of us have one of these in our car even though it doesn’t work?
(No Lauren it is NOT a can of silly string?) Answer: Air Freshener

Monday 1/11
40% of us have secretly done this at work?
(No Lauren it’s not watch dirty videos!) Answer: Change the thermostat



Monday 1/4
9 out of 10 kids will eat this at some point over the next 2 months…Only 1 in 10 adults will. What is it?
(No Lauren it’s not hair!)  Answer:  Snow

____________________________________ _____________________________________________________

Wednesday 12/30
40% of women admit they have actually cried a little bit when their husband surprised them by doing what?
(No Lauren it is NOT  glue your head to a table)  Answer:

Tuesday 12/29
74% of those who own one of these have a name for it…What is it?
(No Lauren it is NOT a Central Methodist polo shirt!) Answer: A guitar

Monday 12/28
The average woman owns 6 of these while the avg. guy has just 1. What is it?

(No Lauren it is NOT a bowl of cornflakes) Answer: Bottle of perfume/cologne


Wednesday 12/23
This company was the first to use Santa in an advertising campaign?
(ABSOLUTELY NOT LAUREN!!! It was not Pornhub!!!)  Answer: Coca-Cola

Bonus Question:  According to Buddy the Elf…What are the four food groups that elves eat??

Answer: Candy, Candy Canes, Candy Corns & Syrup


Tuesday 12/22
27% of adult couples do this to have extra money for the holidays. What is it?
(No, Lauren it is NOT webcam work!) Answer: Make a deal to NOT get each other gifts)


Monday 12/21
Americans will spend more than $7 billion on this over the holiday season?
(Yes, Lauren it finally happened! She ACTUALLY got it right! Answer: Wrapping Paper

Bonus Question:  This Christmas decoration was once banned because it contained too much lead?
Answer: Tinsel


Friday 12/18
During the holidays, women are more likely to do THIS than men?
(No Lauren it’s not “cry”!)  Answer: Re-Gift a gift


Thursday 12/17
82% of American households have one of these during the holiday season?
(No Lauren it’s not a puppet show!) Answer: Artificial Tree


Monday 11/30
It is Cyber Monday! Last year’s top selling item was an Echo Dot. What was the top selling item for your kitchen on 2019’s Cyber Monday?
(An InstaPot)    No, Lauren NOT a banana stand!


Tuesday 12/1
One in thee adults have one of these in their bedroom?
(A stuffed animal) No, Lauren it was NOT pictures of you!


Wednesday 12/2
80% of people say they have never thoroughly cleaned this! What is it?
(Their microwave) No, Lauren NOT your belly button


Thursday 12/3
The top thing we lie about in a social situation is about or job. What is #2 on the list?
(Travels/Where we’ve vacationed)


Friday 12/4
55% of moms say there is a real possibility that this will happen to them during the holidays this year? What is it?
(Forget where they hid a present(s) )





Monday 11/02
The average person was 16 years old the first time they experienced this?
(first cup of coffee)


Tuesday 11/03  Which US President spent his entire campaign budget on barrels of booze & placed them at election polling places?
(George Washington)


Wednesday 11/4  What is the most common random act of kindness?
(Letting someone go in front of you in line)


Thursday 11/5    3,000 people a year end up in the ER after tripping over ______?



Friday 11/6


Monday 10/26
In the horror movie ‘Halloween’ the Michael Meyers mask was based on which real life celebrity??
(William Shatner…producers bought the mask for $2 and spray painted it white).


Tuesday 10/27  What was the original title for the Disney movie “Hocus Pocus”?
(Halloween House)


Wednesday 10/28  Americans eat 35 million lbs. of candy corn. What was candy corn originally called?
(Chicken Feed)


Thursday 10/29  What did Scottish women hang up to see their future husbands on Halloween?
(Wet Sheets In Front Of A Fire)


Friday 10/30  What was used before pumpkins to make into jack’o’lanterns?
(Potatoes & turnips)

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