These are a few of my favorite things

Sing it along with me! Here are my favorite things at S2

The last time I went to Supplement Superstores to get my 1DB Goddess, I finally asked why and how all the stuff I already take works. A lot of it I have been taking for a few months and I love how it makes me feel and the effects but I couldn’t possibly tell you how it works. The experts themselves explained them to me so I’ll explain them (almost as well) to you! You know how Oprah used to do her Favorite things episode? well this is my favorite things episode…except no one gets a car.

Phormula 1-

1st Phorm’s whey isolate. Will from S2 explained it like this: There are a million different types of protein shakes. This one is super fast-digesting. There’s no lactose or fat so it won’t cause bloating and it’ll digest in about 15 minutes. It’s designed for right after a workout to fill the need for macronutrients. This protein will help you build muscle and having more muscle on your body keeps you in a constant fat-burning state. Taking an isolate post-workout is what will give you the best results toward your goals. They’re low-temperature processed so this one is almost the consistency of water. They mix well without any chalky or gritty consistency.

Level 1

This one is, in my opinion, more of what people are talking about when they say “protein shake.” This one is a meal replacement shake that is very high in protein. I do have and love Level 1, but I don’t drink it nearly as often as the Phormula 1 only because I prefer to eat my meals instead of drink them.  Tyler explained that Level 1 will digest in a similar way to actual food. They have more calories than the protein isolates but more protein too. They’re also processed at a low temperature so they won’t taste chalky or gritty. These can be used for a lot more things than just shakes, too. You can make pancakes, protein muffins, or even mug cakes with them.

1DB systems

This is the one I get asked about most and there are actually several different components to it. Naturally, I had the guys explain all of them.

1DB Goddess/ 1DB overdrive

These two products serve the same purpose. The goddess is for ladies and overdrive is for guys. Tyler says that sometimes woman will take the overdrive just because it’s stronger. This will help suppress your appetite and give you an incredible energy boost that lasts and won’t crash thanks to B vitamins and green tea extract.


Thyrodrive is amazing for helping to stimulate your thyroid gland to help regulate your metabolism. This helps you to burn calories even in a resting state


I’ve raved about these for months now. I LOVE my greens! Will says they contain a probiotic blend and a lot of it which can improve your overall health and help rid your body of stomach toxins. They also help to prevent bloating that can come along with how your body digests certain foods. He also points out that your stomach really kind of dictates how you feel overall; if your stomach doesn’t feel right, the rest of your body isn’t going to feel great either. Opti-greens also contains 11 servings of vegetables per serving so if eating veggies isn’t your thing, these definitely should be.

These three products work together to help aid in weight loss. One helps you burn more calories, one helps you eat less calories, and the last helps your body to digest and process to get the most out of what you’re eating.

The guys at S2 explain it so much better than I do in this video

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