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Mike’s Moving On

10 years ago I packed up what few belongings I had and moved from St. Louis to the booming metropolis of Lebanon, MO. It was across the street from a cow field where I would go on the air for the first time, using the alias “Wally”, at my very first radio job. I was 19. My studio apartment rent was $275 a month and my car payment was $150.

Ah, the good old days.

Fast forward to today. I’m 30 years old, engaged, and am about to start the job I’ve been working 10 years to get. Those of us who are on the radio call it a “major market gig” so I’m excited to make the jump to Kansas City.  My first day on the air will be Monday, June 13th.

As I sit at this keyboard and try to put into words what being a part of Y107 has meant to me over the last 4 and a half years, I’m starting to realize that those words might not exist. When you work at Y107, using the word “work” doesn’t really make sense. Despite how crazy and wacky and weird Cosmo & Mike in the Morning sounds to you, there actually IS a LOT of work that goes into it. But when you enjoy putting in that necessary work to make it sound so incredibly awesome, calling it “work” sounds nearly criminal.

I think the best part about being a part of this team are the friends you make. If you’ve ever wondered, “Do Cosmo & Mike ever hang out when they’re not on Y107?”, the answer is YES! We’ve been good friends since before I joined the morning show.  He’ll definitely still be at my wedding next year. I’ll still text him inappropriate memes, and he’ll still send them right back. My favorite memories from our friendship are our hockey travels.  A lot of you might not know that our obsession with St. Louis Blues hockey is so insane, that we’ve traveled to Nashville, Dallas, and Denver to see the Blues play road games. (Shout out to Jamie Mac and Josh Ryan from our sister station Clear 99 for also being on every one of those trips!)

I want to say thank you to everyone who’s ever turned on the radio. Even if you don’t find me the least bit entertaining, as long as you at least gave me a shot, I’m grateful to you. Thank you to every contestant who ever played RETRO-OKE!!! That was always the best part of hosting the Retro Lunch! So now, it’s off to Kansas City, where this St. Louis boy will do his best to also sport some Royal blue. But hey, at least they still have a football team!

Thank you all. For everything.


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