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November is finally here and that means a couple of things. Being thankful for the things in your life, eating lots of really good food, fighting over amazing sales at stores. Oh and also you might have noticed that a lot of men are growing their facial hair! Whether they are just growing the mustache or the full on beard, men around the world are participating in Movember.

Ladies Look, I know it may be hard to kiss your guy this month without getting scratched. When your man’s scruff starts growing into a full on mustache or scraggly beard this month just remember It’s for a good cause! “No Shave” November is a movement to raise awareness and funds for an array of serious men’s health issues.

Signing up to grow a Movember beard helps to raise money for men’s health charities all over the world. To see what Movember is all about check out the videos below!



Click here if you want to join in on Movember and raise money for a great cause!

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