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Mountian Dew's Spiked Lemonade
Via Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew Releases Spiked Lemonade For All

When you hear the word “spiked,” alcohol comes to mind. Mountain Dew is apparently changing that definition. The soda giant is expanding its growing collection with 4 new products. Called Green label, white label, spiked lemonade and raspberry lemonade. The two lemonade products don’t contain any alcohol, but instead prickly pear cactus juice. The new lemonades are sweetened with agave and “natural” sugars.  

Mtn Dew’s Green label will be flavored with kiwi and green apple. While White label has a combination of pineapple, grapefruit, and citrus bitters. The new lemonade flavors are available now in 16-ounce cans nationwide. Let us know what you think of Mtn Dew’s new flavors in the comments below!

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