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A Little Motivation For Your Monday

Sometimes we just need a little word of encouragement or a thoughtful phrase to get us through the work week as our best selves! Each week, I’m going to try to bring you something that makes you think differently, something that pushes you, something that motivates you.

Today, I found this video. It talks about “conditional” and “unconditional” self esteem (or “external” and “internal”). The narrator talks about a story of when he was a teenager and thought he needed to be the best. He says that the problem with external esteems is that “they can be taken away from us,” where internal esteem “never can be [taken away from us].”

Watch (really listen) to the 3 minute video, and really think on it. Take it to heart. Then go forth and make your week the best you can! Give the best version of you to the world!

Happy Monday!

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