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8 Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is SUNDAY!! Before you grab that paper bag to breathe in to in an all out panic, check out this list for some great ideas of what you can get for your mom that she’ll definitely appreciate!

1. Professional Pictures


How many times has your mom taken a picture of you with your dad, or you with your friends? Moms don’t end up in as many pictures with the kids when they’re the ones taking them! The ones they do end up in are selfies. Get your mom the gift of family pictures! Find a day when you, your parents, your siblings, any kids… and even pets are all available, dress up nicely, and show off your love for mom in something she can treasure for years to come! Go the extra mile and get her favorite portrait in a nice sized canvas to be a centerpiece on her wall!

2. A Clean House


Whether you and your siblings dig in and do it yourself, or you hire a professional service, give Mom the gift of doing absolutely nothing to have a beautiful home! Bonus points if you take her shopping or to lunch and spoil her while the house is getting cleaned, an she can come home to that lemon-y fresh scent of a dust-less space!

3. Take Her Shopping


Remember in your teenage years where your favorite birthday gifts were when your mom or your grandma would take you shopping? You had a limit of what you could spend, but by the end of it, you had a dozen bags on your arm and felt so cool? Now that you’re an adult, give your mom the same satisfaction! She can go try on clothes and accessories, AND get to spend time with you, which is extra necessary after the pandemic kept everyone apart!

4. Mani/Pedi

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For something SO simple, a Mani/Pedi feels SO luxurious, doesn’t it? Give her hands and feet a makeover, just in time to start showing them off in some cute sandals! Bonus if you also get her a pair of cute sandals!

5. Garden Flowers


If your mom has a green thumb, she might like having beautiful flowers for the garden! Every time she looks at them all summer, she’ll be reminded of YOU! Pick out her favorite flower in a plant for her to grow, or if she’s the lady with a plan, a gift card to a local garden shop, where she can get the garden of her dreams! Shop with her and get down and dirty by helping her plant them! With two of you, you’ll be done in no time, and you’ll likely have some laughs she’ll cherish the rest of the year!

6. Breakfast in Bed


Get your chefs hat on and gather your siblings. Let mom sleep in as long as she wants while you go to town creating an all-you-can-eat buffet of brunch food, and bring it to her in bed! If she requests more of anything, wait on her hand and foot! And DEFINITELY don’t leave her kitchen a mess, make it even more spotless than it was before, so she can have an amazing meal AND not have to worry about the aftermath!

7. Something Handmade


Whether you muster all your best craft energy, or cheat and get something off Etsy, something fun and homemade is always a winner in mom’s eyes! Decorate a picture frame with your favorite picture inside, or paint some flower pots and buy a flower that is as radiant as she is! Anything you put time into is always better than anything you can buy! Here’s some more crafty ideas!

8. When All Else Fails… A Gift Card!

Whether you’re just not crafty, or you live far away and can’t take your mom shopping, a Gift Card is always fun! Get it for a place she loves but is less likely to treat herself at! Don’t make it a place she’s likely to just use it on groceries! Maybe a Mani/Pedi gift card, or one for her favorite department store! Or if you live REALLY far away, maybe airplane miles so she can come visit you!


Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

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