Monday’s Daily Dose of Happiness

As things slowly start to open back up, we will still be giving you doses of happiness, just not as frequently. Make sure to look for the amazing stories on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays!

Protection equipment, mask
Shutterstock/Natale Zanardi

With PPE being in high demand, manufacturers are working around the clock. They’ve also had help in the most unexpected places. A group of inmates at the Santa Barbara County Jail have volunteered to help make the protective equipment for first responders. So far they have created 3,200 face shields and have prepared 6,000 yards of clothes for masks. Click here to read more. 

Music always helps lift spirits and this just gives me goosebumps! In the midst of honoring essential workers, a firefighter hopped on his firetruck and started rocking out to the National Anthem. 

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