Monday’s Daily Dose of Happiness

We are just one week away from the state slowly opening back up! 

I think the worst days are behind us, and that’s definitely something to smile about! 

Here are a few more reasons:

A therapy dog named Loki was used to visiting patients in hospitals before the coronavirus. Because of all the restrictions, Loki hasn’t been able to perform her normal duties. Loki and her owner still figured out a way to bring smiles. They started creating ‘Hero Healing Kits’ that had hypoallergenic lotion, packs of gum, chap-stick, coffee and tea. They have donated THOUSANDS to healthcare workers. Check out all the good Loki is doing here.

Eminem is thanking healthcare heroes in the cutest way possible. He just sent some of his ‘mom’s spaghetti’ to medical workers in his hometown of Detroit.  And they ‘lost themselves.’ Is anyone else singing “Lose Yourself” right now? Click here to read more of the story.  

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