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Missouri To Be Spared the Heatwave of 2020?

May was HOT! But according to scientists, that’s only the beginning for what is going to be a hotter than average summer for MOST of the US. We say MOST, because it’s for everyone that does not live in…  Missouri.

I was reading the report earlier today of the coming heatwave, and how it’ll last ALL summer, through September. Full disclosure: I don’t love the heat. I also don’t love the watering bills to keep the grass green or the electric bills to keep the A/C on. I hate when the kids complain “it’s too hot to go outside,” when I can’t argue that they’re right. And let’s face it, with the current public pool situation, coming up with ideas for keeping everyone cool is starting to give me headaches. In other words, this news really stinks.

But then I kept reading…

Only a small part of the Midwest, centered around Missouri, has an equal chance of lower-than-normal temperatures…  ~NewYorkTimes

Wait, WHAT!?!?  So I went to NOAA’s charts to see, and I found THIS!


How could you do anything but laugh. So the REST of the nation is screwed, except us? What did we do right? Although, who cares. Thank you Mother Nature!?! Maybe 2020 will get better.


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