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Missouri State Fair Cancelled This Summer

Sad news out of Sedalia. For only the second time in the last 100 years, the 2020 State Fair has been called off. They will instead “pivot” the event to a youth livestock show.

The Missouri State Fair announced the cancellation earlier today. One of the biggest reasons for the move is the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

“When the original decision to move forward with the Fair was made, the information and numbers were different than they are now. In collaboration with Governor Parson and the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services, it was determined that the best course of action was to work to reduce the number of individuals on the fairgrounds. Best practices for sanitation and public health will still be implemented during the youth livestock show.” ~Statement on the State Fair Facebook page.

They also state they had concerns about the general quality of the outdoor experience for fairgoers. With the ongoing pandemic concerns, many of the sponsors and vendors made the difficult decision to back-out of participating this year. That was limiting what fairgoers would be able to experience and learn more about.

Officially, the Opening Day Ceremony, Governor’s Ham Breakfast, carnival midway, and all other non-youth livestock-related events will be canceled. The fair will be issuing refunds where applicable.

For exhibitors that will still be a part of the youth livestock show, camping will be available with all current reservations still being honored. Camping inquiries can be sent to campgrounds@mda.mo.gov. There will also still be concessions available for exhibitors and their families, but it will be very limited.

The fair had only been canceled one other time in the last 100 years.

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  1. According to the Gov., it was during WWII.

  2. Frank Lewis Phelps

    So, during the past 100 years what was the year of the other cancellation , and what was the reason it was cancelled?

  3. World-wide:
    598,000 deaths from Covid19 in the last year.
    690,000 deaths from AIDS in 2019
    1.5 million deaths in 2019 from tuberculosis
    2.8 million deaths last year related to obesity.
    9 million people died last year of hunger related illness.

    Our politicians and corporate CEOs need to get over themselves. We don’t need to close business and wear masks. Coronavirus is one of the least of this world’s problems.

  4. Smart move but should have been decided earlier. But why are you willing to put the youth at risk? No matter what you say, there isn’t social distancing when an event is going on.

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