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What Do Missouri Singles Hate The Most?

We all have our pet peeves. But what do Missouri singles hate the most? The answer is literally out of this world. According to a trending dating app, Missouri singles hate people who believe in aliens. Say what?

The data comes from the dating app HATER. If you’re not familiar, it’s like Tinder, but it’ll match you with someone based on what you both, well, hate.  Say you really hate man-buns. The app will only show you others that hate man buns too. 

So it was pretty easy for them to take all the data from all Missourians and find out what single thing was hated the most. Apparently “Aliens” wins. Does that sound right? If you think that sounds pretty ridiculous, look what they’re hating in surrounding states:

  • Illinois – Biting string cheese
  • Iowa – Long hair on guys
  • Nebraska – Friendly reminder e-mails
  • Kansas – Seinfeld!?!?!
  • Oklahoma – Hearing the latest gossip
  • Arkansas – Cleaning (Talk about the most valid answer yet!!!)
  • Tennessee – Foraged food?
  • Kentucky – Friends that ask you to help them move

I guess Aliens isn’t so bad after all.  Some states are rational, like fidget spinners in California, or Winter in Connecticut. But Colorado… *Nsync?!?!?!  What gives? In other words, never trust anyone from Colorado.

Check the full list and enjoy the laugh.

Singles hate map

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