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Could Many Popular Mid-Missouri Stores Close This Year?

Thanks to online shopping, retailers have been hit HARD! But it might be getting much, much worse, as we could see many more favorite stores close in 2017.

So far this year, we’ve already seen closures of Vanity, Sears, Aeropostale, Radioshack, and Rue 21. That’s not to mention this report highlighting more big names like Staples, JC Penny, Payless Shoes, Gander Mountain, The Limited, Ambercrombie and Fitch, Gamestop, and CVS closing up a ton of stores. Now, an article in the

Now, an article in the Palm Beach Post stated 34 more retailers might be closing their doors for good this year thanks to poor sales and inflated operating costs, at least according to F&D reports, a credit counseling service. The list is shocking with many well-known and loved brands in Mid-Missouri. We’re simply stunned. Prepare yourself.

The list includes:

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  • Charlotte Russe
  • Charming Charlie
  • Claire’s
  • Forever 21
  • GNC
  • Gymboree
  • J. Crew
  • Lumber Liquidators
  • Noodles and Co
  • Perfumania
  • Rent-A-Center
  • Ruby Tuesday
  • Toys-R-Us
  • Tuesday Morning

Devastated?  The good news is nothing has been confirmed. Unfortunately, how trends have been lately, we’re not feeling reassured. And F&D is not alone. Credit Suisse echoes their report, forecasting 8,600 retail stores will close this year, which would be a record. They then take it another devastating step further, reporting a record 20%-25% of shopping malls will close within the next 5 years. Freaking out yet? It’s just insane to believe shopping as we know could be going buh-bye.  

Want to save them? Shop more stores and less online.  Or is it possibly too late?


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