MGK vs Eminem: The Battle Continues

There’s always beef in the rap world, and the latest between Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem has us wondering who’s really winning?

The latest update comes from Orlando, as MGK opened for Fall Out Boy, shortly after Eminem finally released his response track “Killshot”. There’s video circulating that the Fall Out Boy crowd is booing MGK as he performs his Eminem diss track, “Rap Devil”. (note NSFW language)

Those boos seem out of place though, and there’s speculation they were post edited in. Here’s another take of the same song. (Again, language warning.)

This is the SAME concert where MGK had the fans give the finger to Eminem as he posed in a t-shirt with the “Killshot” logo, with the description, “He missed.” However, many fans are saying he had a sweatshirt on when he asked the fans to pose, only to remove the sweatshirt at the last second, with the fans having no clue what he was staging.

Song Vs. Song

In the same post above, Machine Gun Kelly notes that his “Rap Devil” is at the top of the charts, which is exactly what Eminem knew would happen if he decided to respond to MGK’s original diss. However, Eminem gets the one-up here as YouTube just announced “Killshot” became the biggest hip-hop debut in YouTube’s history, with over 38 million views in the first 24 hours. 

Where Did It All Begin?

A few years back, MGK called out Eminem’s daughter Hailie as “Hot AF” in a tweet. She, now an Instagram model, was 16 at the time, he was 21. He went on to say, “in the most respectful way possible [because Eminem] is king.” MGK was a fan of Eminem. However, MGK felt Eminem “blackballed” him because of it, keeping MGK’s star from rising. It was a grudge he didn’t shy away from in interviews.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago when Eminem dropped the new album, “Kamikazee” with the track “Not Alike,” where he calls out MGK by name. To be fair, that’s kinda what Eminem has and always done: call anyone and everyone out. That’s kinda his thing, isn’t it? 

Within days, MGK releases “Rap Devil“, a play on Eminem’s “Rap God” from 2013.  The song is a direct, all-out attack on Eminem. 

Eminem team with Sway for a 4 part interview talking all about Kamikaze. In part two, he specifically talks about the beef with MGK, saying the diss was more about a line in Tech N9ne’s “No Reason“, calling Eminem “just rap, and not a God”, more so than having anything to do with Hailie thing. He also said he wanted to respond, but didn’t want to make MGK any bigger with it.  However, days later, he dropped, “Killshot”.

Is This All Fake?

There are some rumors floating that the “beef” is all fake, just for promotion. While we somehow doubt that, there is an interesting twist on all this: Both songs had the same producer: Ronnie J. Hmmm… 

Other Players

Eminem, being a legend in the game, has quite a few friends coming to his defense. As such, others have weighed in, including Eminem protege 50 Cent, who took to twitter:

G-Eazy has also hopped in the battle as MGK has a previous history with his on-again/off-again girl Halsey. The MGK/G-Eazy beef continues, but that’s a different story.

Of course the others Eminem called out have been on the defensive too, and it’s quite the list. They’ve pretty much all taken to just Twitter, however, instead of releasing full-on response tracks.

The Result:

So who wins? MGK or Eminem? Honestly, what’s it matter. We’re all for a good rap battle. At this point though, we’d give Eminem the upper hand, for now. 

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