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Photo collage of Met Gala memes for Pharrell's wife's outfit

Met Gala Fashion Inspires Memes Targeting Pharrell’s Wife

The Annual Met Gala brings out some odd fashions. And one of the early entrants really set the Twittersphere ablaze, as the memes started pouring in.From the get-go, we noticed some odd fashions. 

Ummm, okay. #MetGala

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We weren’t the only ones commenting on what Pharrell’s wife had on.  

Here’s the thing…

Helen was one of the few who was actually wearing the theme apparently, which was Comme des Garcon, a Japanese fashion label with strange, strange, strange ideas.  Unfortunately, not too many others got the memo, and she really stood out. We should applaud her, instead of attack, but of course, we don’t understand the fashion world. It’s like she’s the only one who showed up to a “Costume party” in costume.  Ever been THAT person. Just look at her expression. I don’t think she’s happy that she’s one of the only one’s who got the memo.

Well, Rihanna got the memo too.

I repeat, i just don’t get fashion.  I did think Blake Lively was stunning in a beautifully “odd fashion” way.

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