Mariah Carey at the 2018 American Music Awards at the Microsoft Theatre LA Live.
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A NEW Mariah Carey Christmas Song

Sick of “All I Want For Christmas is You” before the holiday season has officially started? Well don’t worry, there’s a NEW Mariah Carey Christmas song that will be gracing all the holiday playlists this year!

She partnered with Khalid and Kirk Franklin for you to “Fall in Love at Christmas.”

Here’s a 30 second sample:


What do you think? Personally, I was hoping for something more upbeat. Having worked a LOOOOT of retail early in my working life, I have a VERY short fuse for enjoying Christmas music before I hate it. I get very bored with slower songs, so I burn out less on the upbeat Christmas stuff. So for me, I’m kind of like “zzzzzzzzzz.” But what do YOU think?


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