Mandy Harvey on America's Got Talent
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Deaf Singer Mandy Harvey Stuns AGT Judges [VIDEO]

When faced with extreme adversity, most of us would probably crumble and give up. For example, say you’re a singer/musician and suddenly you go deaf. It’d probably mean the dream is over. That is not the case for Mandy Harvey, who blew away the judges on America’s Got Talent last night.

We’ve seen amazing talent on AGT over the years, but Mandy was certainly something else.

If you didn’t know her back story, you might watch the video and think, yes, she sounds great, and the song is great. But what sets her apart? But when you throw in that she’s deaf, it’s almost unfathomable. How can she possibly stay on beat, let alone play the right notes, and hit those notes with her voice? It would have to be near impossible.

That’s where Mandy is phenomenal. How she can defy the odds and overcome the obstacles… I think we should all find inspiration. I applaud Simon on his choice.


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