Manchester Bombing: 48 Hours Later And More Arrests

It’s been almost 48 hours since a suicide bomber attacked the crowd coming out of an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England Monday night.  The victims included children and teens. More are missing, and many remain injured, some in critical condition. Threats have been raised for fear of more attacks. But the good news: more arrests have been made.  Here’s the latest.

The Victims

As previously reported, there were 22 deaths related to the attack. There’s another 64 reportedly injured, 20 in critical condition. 12 of the injured are reportedly children. Originally, 14 others were listed as missing. That number is now down to 6 as some have been found, and other were named among those who perished. 

Among the lives lost include an 8 year old girl, an 18-year-old superfan who previously met the singer, an off-duty policewoman enjoying the concert with her family (who are all reportedly injured), two other teen girls aged 14 and 15, two men aged 28 and 29, an aunt who shielded her niece, a 14-year-old girl there with family to pick up her sister, and 5 different parents there to pick up their kids as well.

Read more about them and their stories here. 

The Arrests

UPDATE: 4:50p – A 6th suspect, a woman, was reportedly arrested.

The explosion was suspected to be carried out by a 22 year old suicide bomber born in Manchester. He is believed to be of Libyan origin, and it is rumored that he had ties to both ISIS and al Qaeda. He perished in the attack.

Since Monday, there have been 5 arrests in the UK, the latest just hours ago.  Among those arrested include the suspect’s older brother.  Earlier today, the suspect’s younger brother and father were reportedly arrested in Libya’s capital city of Tripoli.

Police are suspecting a network in connection to this attack. Due to what they have found in the investigation, last night, the Prime Minister raised the threat level to “critical”, the highest threat level in Britain.  There continues to be a heavy police presence in England, as well as at major sporting events and concerts across the globe. ISIS has claimed responsibility. 

The bomb itself was a shrapnel bomb containing metal nuts and bolts.

The Response: #ManchesterStrong

Immediately following the event, the people of Manchester pulled together. Taxis were offering free rides as train lines at nearby Victoria Station were shut down.  A homeless man quickly jumped up to assist those in need. The train station was directly connected to the arena in by the foyer where the blast went off. 

There were also reports of hotels offering free lodging and safe zones for those trying to track down loved ones who were lost in the attack. There were also many children who were unable to get to their waiting parents due to the chaos. James Corden paid tribute to the amazing people of Manchester in his opening monolog.

A crowdsourced fundraising effort started by the Manchester Evening News and Manchester City Council has also seen a huge response.  As of this moment, they are well over 1.2 million British pounds (equal to over $1.5 million US dollars), and are expecting to hit a continuously rising goal of 2 million yet today. The money will go to the “We Love Manchester Emergency Fund” being managed by the British Red Cross. You can donate to the fund here.

The fund will make payments to help families who are in need – including those who are faced with funeral costs and individuals who may have suffered life-limiting injuries. ~The Lord Mayor of Manchester, Councillor Eddy Newman

A vigil was also held yesterday afternoon, drawing a large crowd. 

Ariana Grande Update

Ariana Grande has suspended her “Dangerous Woman” tour, canceling at least the next 6 stops, rushing home to be with family and friends in Florida.  She is “an emotional mess“. There’s numerous reports coming in that she’s planning to help out victim families. Vibe is reporting she has reached out to victims families and offered to pay for funeral costs. Another reports claims she’s going to be donating proceeds from downlaods of her “One Last Time” single to victims and their families. It’s up to #3 on the download charts.


We will continue to bring you more updates as they become available. See the previous updates here.

(VIA BBC News)

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