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Man Turns Yellow

Caffeine is what gets most of us through are week, but what about those who don’t like coffee? How are we supposed to get are pick me up energy through the day? Maybe Energy drinks? They thing is though, they can get expensive and having one or more a day is not to healthy for you! Just take this guy for example.

A 50 year old construction worker drank four or five energy drinks per day for three weeks to keep up with his intense workload. As you can imagine his body went haywire! He became very sick after those three weeks and his skin started turning yellow, but it wasn’t the caffeine or sugar that was the problem.

The man had signs of liver damage brought on by the consumption of all the Niacin or vitamin B3 found inside the energy drink. The drink of course was not named, however no one should ever drink that many energy drinks especially in one day!

Even though the man’s daily intake of Niacin was below toxic levels the accumulation was still enough to cause major damage to the liver. Having an energy drink every now and then is okay, but you should never drink them like refreshments!


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