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Man Busted With Over 40 Pot Plants Inside House

Planning ahead is never a bad thing… in most cases. However, in instances like this, it can get you into trouble. A forty-two-year-old in Vermont was arrested and charged with cultivating marijuana, after cops found around 40 plus pot plants and seeds at his home.

The man tried to justify himself by telling the cops he thought pot would be legalized soon. He just wanted to get a jump on growing it for future sale. The possession of small amounts of marijuana has been decriminalized in the state of Vermont. However, it is still illegal for recreational use. 

If you have a similar idea in your mind I suggest not doing it as pot is still quite illegal in Missouri. Admittingly it is a great idea… just not too great if you get caught! Curious as to where ganja is legalized? check the map below! 

Map where pot use is legal


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