Quarantined Cosmo: 5 Things To Do While Stuck At Home

The CODVID-19 pandemic is our new normal. Schools out, we’re working from home, and there’s lots of worry for our families. In order to “Flatten the curve” we are all being asked to make some significant sacrifices, including self Quarantine.

To get that call that says “Don’t Come To The Radio Station” is hard to comprehend. But, I know it is for the best for not only myself, but for my co-workers and everyone else in the community.

First, I started out upset & mad. Then, I immediately started to go into brainstorm mode. I refused to let this negative be an issue. I want to make sure that I am still on the air, on our social media feeds, and here on our website as well. (more on these plans soon)

I think it is a great time for all of us to hit a reset button and refocus as much of the negative that this new world is giving us.

Here a just a few of the things I plan on doing over the next couple of weeks to reset & refocus through this quarantine.

Female and male drinking water

Be healthy! Drink lots of water. Do some stretches and a little yoga. Fire off some jumping jacks and push-ups. Sure your gym may be closed but I am seeing so many of the personal trainers & coaches offering free video workouts online! Don’t let the fan that you may not be able to go to the gym stop you from taking care of yourself. 


Man hiking and taking pictures with large backpack
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Rekindle the love for an old hobby. Maybe it’s cooking or photography.  Dust off that old camera and fall in love with your eye again.  Challenge yourself with some old recipes or better yet dig out that old cook book from your grandma and teach your kids all about her amazing homemade apple pie or hearty chicken noodle soup.

I am going to bust out the tent and camping gear and have a little back yard camp out! Ditch the phone and all things wifi and just enjoy the fresh air and a warm fire. Make some stores and chow down on my favorite foil pack dinners.


Woman overwhelmed by clutter

Clean the clutter! Tackle the house one room at a time. Take all the old clothes and set them aside to take to Plato’s Closet or to donate to Goodwill.  Your kids old sports gear can be sold or traded at Play It Again Sports!  Heck if you get real bold slap a new coat of paint on a wall or two!  The purge should not just be around the house or in the garage but you know that email inbox of yours is GROSS!  Give yourself 30 minutes to unsubscribe from a few of those places that you have not even read in weeks! Go thru and organize your folders and give yourself a wonderful sense of victory.  

Young family blowing bubbles in field
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Spend quality time with the family. Pile up on the couch and watch old family movies from that beach vaca to Gulf Shores  couple summers ago. Look back at old year books or even better show your kids some of YOUR old (embarrassing) pics from your youth. LAUGH. LOVE. LIVE.



There are a billion stresses flying at us and we all need to keep calm and carry on. Let’s all work together and be kind to each other.

What are some things you are doing to help ease the stress of the quarantine?

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