Bowl of Hot Pink Mac and Cheese
The Kraft Heinz Company

Candy Flavored Macaroni and Cheese For Valentine’s Day

Who wants gross candy hearts for Valentine’s Day when you can have candy flavored… mac and cheese? What? Why is this a thing? WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO RUIN MACARONI AND CHEESE FOR US, KRAFT???

Apparently, Kraft is turning their Mac and Cheese bowl BRIGHT pink and it’ll taste like candy. It’s a normal box of macaroni and cheese but it comes with a limited edition packet, which colors and flavors the meal to its magenta hue.

But, like…why? Why would you want to do that to macaroni and cheese? The beauty is in the delicious simplicity! I just feel like the texture and the taste are NOT going to line up. It IS pretty and photogenic, though. This is me trying to find the positives in this weird scenario.

It’s not going to be a thing you can buy in stores. An exclusive 1,000 people will win this special box in time for Valentines Day. If you want to enter, fill out this form before February 8th.

I DID enter, so if I end up with a box, I promise I will share my reaction, good or bad, in video form for all to witness and probably laugh at.

Get the full press release from Kraft here.

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