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Lorde Dances Like She Doesn’t Care on SNL

We were ecstatic to hear Lorde was coming back to scene after an explosive entrance with 2013’s “Royals”.  The first single turned heads though, as it was more club hit, than rocker chick as she was launched. Many have blamed the Taylor Swift influence (as she’s one of T-Swizzle’s Squad). There might be some truth to that as Lorde took to the SNL stage. 

Since Saturday, Lorde has been blasted on the net for her dancing.  Very common to Swift, Lorde dances like she doesn’t care who watching, because quite frankly, WHY SHOULD SHE?  For all the critics out there, show me your record contract!

We love the song, and the fun of it. And if it inspires Lorde to flail wildly about and enjoy the moment, well, YOU GO GIRL! Who are we to judge? I certainly can’t dance. And not everyone can, or should, have the choreographed dance moves to go with the singing.   In our humble opinion, Lorde NAILED it.

Her second piece was much more subdued, if not more typical Lorde. The outfit was kinda wild (some comparing it to a moth… haters!), but it was a solid song nonetheless.  

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