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Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus sitting in the audience at an award show
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Are Lil Nas X and the Wiggles collaborating?!?

In a world full of strange music pairings, this Lil Nas X one might be the weirdest yet!

Lil Nas X just hinted at a remix with… The Wiggles!!!

You remember The Wiggles, right? As a kid, you couldn’t stop singing their hits. Catchy songs like “Wiggles Dance,” “Fruit Salad”, “Toot Toot Chugga Chug,” and, our personal favorite, “Rock-A-Bye Your Bear.”

We know what you’re thinking: is this a joke?  Well, it appears so. Sadly, the Wiggles knew nothing about the news. 

Also, look closely at the picture. That’s not even the current Wiggles line-up. I mean, you totally knew. Right?

But, could you even imagine what the remix would sound like? Knowing Lil Nas X AND The Wiggles, one thing is for certain; it would definitely be catchy! 

Would you like to see this collaboration happen?

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